Community Care Centers (GFATM Round VI)

Karnataka Health Promotion Trust has been selected as sub-recipient to NACO under the Global Fund Round-6  to set up and implement Community Care Centres in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. The project will  establish and implement 77 CCCs across Maharashtra and Karnataka (Maharashtra: 38). Currently 38 CCCs are already established in Maharashtra including Mumbai

Care and Support component under NACP–II focused only on treatment of common OIs. The CCC was seen as a standalone centre. with no links with other units of the same programme. NACP-III, apart from further improving the availability, accessibility and affordability of ART treatment to the poor, plans to strengthen family and community care through psycho-social support. Going beyond the individuals, it expands the scope by reaching to the marginalized women and children affected by the epidemic and depend it by improving compliance of the prescribed ART regimen and by addressing stigma and discrimination associated with the epidemic.

Revised Guidelines of CCC/CCSCs Under NACP –III : (October 2010)

The Concept of a CCC since NACP II has changed as the epidemic matured and the national response to HIV prevention, care and treatment has evolved. Over time and experience, the CCC is no longer a place where PLHIV are isolated by the community, With the roll out and rapid scale up of ART , More people are expected to lead a healthy life. Thus, the revised role of CCC/ CCSC will revolve mainly around effectively reintegrating PLHIV back into their respective families and communities. The CCC/CCSC will be a comprehensive facility providing medical, counseling, and referral and outreach services.

Concept of CCC and CCSC under NACP II and III
Thus, under NACP-II:

  1. Hospice
  2. Stand alone home
  3. High Stigma and denial attached
  4. Not linked with any other program activity

Concept of CCC/CCSC under NACP III

  1. Short Stay home
  2. Advocating actively against stigma, discrimination and denial
  3. Actively linked with ARTC and LAC
  4. Linked with many other Government schemes and programs
  5. Centre with basic aim to recover, recuperate and reintegrate PLHIV back into active life.

They play a critical role in enabling PLHIV to access ART, as well as other units in the same programme such as ICTC, DOTS, PPTCT and other treatment services and interventions.

Goal and Objectives of CCC/CCSC

An increased number of PLHIV have access to better quality of life and reduced vulnerability through improved clinical and care services, linked with relevant social services, and community responses.

  1. As on 31st March 2011, there are 38 functional CCCs in Maharashtra (including Mumbai)
  2. Registrations of PLWHs in a year April 2010 to March 2011- 21959

Services given by CCC to PLWHAs





OPD (Total - 65454 )





IPD  (Total - 29438)





Total Counseling Sessions

Drug Adherence counseling

Counseling of family members of PLHA

Counseling Sessions





OIs Treated at Community Care Centers